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First impressions are key when developing your web design. You only have a few seconds, maybe a minute, to capture your audience’s attention Denver Internet Marketing will build you a website that is visually stunning and easy to navigate. Your website will comply with W3C standards, ensuring that everyone wishing to view your site will be able to, as it will be compatible with all web browsers. Equally important, your website will be search engine friendly.

How high does your site rank?

Although there are many web design companies available, there are very few that provide excellent, professional quality graphics with well-developed coding. We also specialize in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), helping your website to receive top ranking in the search engines and other social media. No matter how beautiful or well-designed your website is, it must be found to have value.

Professional web design and development services

Denver Internet Marketing will work with you step by step to create a website that is uniquely you. Your site will include everything you need, custom designed and specific to your requirements. Whether you need your current site redesigned and renewed, or a completely new site built from scratch, your site will have a clean, professional design to ensure attention-getting results. Our seven-step web design will get your site up and running fast.

Not sure what you need?

We can provide content management system (CMS) web sites, as well as e-commerce and Flash. We are also able to guide your decision if you are unsure.

• Standards-compliant Xhtml and CSS design
• Every design is original and attractive
• Every page is optimized for search engines
• Well laid out and logically structured code
• Development: php and mysql
• Marketing: SEO + PPC and more

High-speed Internet is now so common it is being taken for granted. However, not everyone has this luxury. There are the visually impaired, who use Braille to translate a website into something they can read. Web sites heavy with pictures cannot be translated into Braille, unless the pictures are described in text format. There are also those who rely on hand-held devices to view websites, plus the disabled as well.

It is now becoming everyone’s right to have access to information on the web. For this reason Denver Internet Marketing is strongly advocating barrier-free web sites.

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