Video Marketing

Denver Internet Marketing provides video promoting services, which can increase your revenue and your search engine visibility. With video promoting, you can easily capture your audience’s attention and convey your message through visual, text and sound. Video promoting can take your advertising – and your website – to a higher level with low cost and very little time investment.

With video, you can either instruct your audience or provide emotional content. Google ranks videos on the first page of search engine results, which will entice more prospective clients to click on the video, leading them to your website and increasing its traffic. Denver Internet Marketing can use SEO (search engine optimization) to optimize your video based on a target keyword or phrase that you choose, using your digital content. We can also assist with writing a script, providing graphics and other media, such as royalty-free background music and professional voice over talent. We will also submit your video to YouTube and Metacafe, along with other popular video sites.

Video Promoting Benefits

Your video will appear on the first page of Google, subject to the keyword phrase chosen. If you already have a video you would like used, we can use our SEO techniques to optimize that video, again ensuring it will receive top ranking in search engines.

A video, unlike plain text or simple graphics, will evoke emotion in the audience and capture their senses. It will also authenticate your business, showing the viewer your business is credible and boosting your branding efforts. Video promoting also provides easy reuse of content.

How It Works

Denver Internet Marketing will establish what you and your business’s marketing needs are and assist you to improve your marketing campaign. This will include delving into video promoting, which is not for every business or industry – it may be easier to promote your business with another way. Every business is unique and needs a different way to increase your customer base, place you higher up on search engines and ensure higher profitability.

Contact Denver Internet Marketing today at 303-500-3040 to set up an appointment to discuss your marketing plan – and possible video needs – today!