Search Engine Marketing

Denver Internet Marketing provides many different affordable handled Internet search engine marketing (SEM) and search engine optimization programs. To discuss the objectives and goals of your online campaign, e-mail us today. We will provide you with an Internet search engine marketing solution that’s best for you. Consider the following:

Usability and visibility analysis are absolutely necessary even for an established website. This will help you make changes to improve your website’s usability and visibility, especially toward the search engines like Google. On-page optimization is essential for the search engines, like Google, since it allows them to index the content in your website.

Competitive analysis. The competitive analysis not only finds your brick and mortar competition but your online competition as well. Take for example if you are a clothing company. The competitive analysis will find not only the used clothing store down the street from your business, but the large department store in your town or city as well. Online competition are webpages that are competing for the similar or same key phrases that you are. Your top 10 competition within the search engines are the webpages that show up before yours within the search engine results.

Back link analysis. This analysis will search through the web for inbound links that point to your webpage. Search engines will place your website higher on their ranking if you have many back links that are directly linked to your website, when compared to none or very little. The more relevant links you have for your webpage, the more you’re seen as being an authority.

Internet search engine submission (as needed). If your website is not listed in the search engines you won’t show up within the search engine results. Whenever you search the web using Google, Yahoo! or MSN search tools you aren’t searching the web, you’re searching the search engine’s databases. Whenever a website is posted to a search engine, like Google, the search engine will use a software known as a “bot” to crawl the webpages. The bot uses your internal site navigation and captures vital details about each page of the site, and puts it into the search engine’s database. The information taken includes meta data, content, H1 tags and alt tags.

You will find many ways for adding your website into the search engine. You can submit your website toward the different search engines directly, have another website, that is already indexed, connect to your website, publish articles that connect to your website or subscribe to compensated search within each one of the search engines. When your website pages appear within the search engine’s database, you don’t need to continue posting your website. Some search engines might find this method excessive. Not really a positive thing.

Article promotion. This is an excellent way to get quality back links for your site and become established as being an expert in your industry. You can either write the articles yourself or we can write an enhanced piece of between 300 and 500 words for you. Once written, we will take your article and publish it to more than 1,000 sites.

Blog distribution. This method can be very time-consuming if you do not have the proper tools. We can create multiple blogs and submit completely unique content in addition to contributing content to established blogs to be able to create buzz and back links for your site. These work well, resulting in increased exposure, links, traffic, growing public relations and visibility.

Marketing with video. Marketing with video is an excellent method to gain exposure within the search engines like Google. We will create one- to three- minute videos with information relevant to your business. Then we will publish the videos to more than 25 to 30 video hosting sites. The outcomes are extremely high ratings for these videos.

Set-up monitoring. Without monitoring there is no way to gauge how well the advertising is working for your website. We will use Google statistics to track the site visitors that come to your site, conversion, where site visitors come from, the time they have spent on the site, key phrases that brought them to the site and much more.

Baseline keyword ranking report. We can’t understand how far we’ve come until we know where we’ve been. We will use the baseline keyword ranking to track where we started the campaign and monitor the progress.

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