Mobile Search Marketing

Denver Internet Marketing’s technology expertise makes us one of the leading mobile search marketing companies. Our wireless marketing services include mobile web design, advertising using Google mobile and other mobile search engine advertising channels. Our mobile search engine marketing services will place your business’s details in your customer’s hands, no matter where they are or when they are looking for you.

Mobile Search Marketing

What is mobile search?

Essentially, mobile search is using a hand-held device, whether it be BlackBerry, iPhone, iPad or any other smart phone, to look up something via the Internet. Mobile-specific portals, directories and search engines are the most important part of the mobile search passage.

How mobile phone marketing gets the ultimate benefits for your company

Mobile website has been expanding very rapidly and therefore is a great advantage for any business to take advantage of. One important fact is that there are one billion computer users, compared with 2.3 billion mobile subscribers – making the mobile market an excellent market to target. As mobile search is only in its start-up stage, many of the big search engine players are investing large amounts of money into the future of mobile search.

As an example, Nokia has chosen Yahoo! to offer its search results for subscribed users, while all Windows mobile and hand-held devices are automatically set to MSN. To achieve the lion’s share of your market you will need to ensure your web site is optimized for these types of search engines.

It is likely that your prospective customers will need your service or want to find out more information about your company when they are away from their computer. How easy is it for them to find this information without access a PC? By using mobile search engine marketing, your prospective clients will very easily be able to access this information, wherever they may be.

Denver Internet Marketing’s expertise in this area will help you develop a mobile marketing scheme that uses all the opportunities this new technology provides. Our mobile search marketing services include:

• Mobile Advertising
• Mobile Local Search
• Mobile SEO Services
• Mobile Web Design
• Mobile Web Development

Our mobile search marketing services are generally arranged as optimization and advertising.

Our mobile website optimization service includes all aspects of SEO, from site analysis to tracking and reporting. We will also give more attention to the accessibility and usability of your web site.

Our mobile advertising campaigns will provide all types of SEO activities, such as keyword research to set-up and ad creative copy writing. If your site is not coded for viewing on a WAP browser or lower screen solutions, we can offer a mobile landing page, exclusive for mobile viewers, that will allow you to advertise your site on this media. You will not need to redesign your entire site.

How can mobile advertising be effective?

For a business, mobile advertising and mobile strategy can be very effective, can greatly impact your company in a positive way and have many benefits. The most common ways mobile advertising can be used in your campaign are as follows.

• Drive traffic to your mobile web site. To achieve this, we will use mobile search, banners and other referral sites.
• Click-to-call link: This will allow clients to call you directly from their phone, when they click on your mobile web site or advertisement.
• Capture e-mails and phone numbers: We will campaign on a specific landing page (either mobile or traditional).
• Send messages: Clients will be able to receive text, audio or video messages to their phone instantly.

Why choose us for mobile search marketing?

Experts at accessibility: We will ensure that your web site(s) will be accessible from any type of mobile device, no matter what the platform or media. We will also keep up to date with the types of media, etc., so you are never left behind when the market surges ahead.

Proven track record: Our clients have been enjoying top ranking on mobile searches for their products and services. We provide them with the best service, and it shows.

We welcome your call if you would like more information about our mobile search marketing services.

Let Denver Internet Marketing help you develop a mobile phone marketing and advertising strategy. Call us today at 1-303-500-3040 to learn more about mobile phone marketing or get started by consulting with one of our media specialists.