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Online competition is at an all-time high and there has never been a more important time to improve your site’s search engine ranking and increase its “stickiness.”

Research shows that about 85 percent of Internet users use search engines and directories to look for products, services and information. There is no advantage to a web site if no one can find it.

“Search engine optimization,” or SEO, increases the visibility of your website on the search engines by adding specific keywords or phrases to your site. To achieve high ranking, your website must be optimized to make the site search engine friendly.

Search engine marketing is a broader term that promotes your website and increases its traffic by using every technological opportunity available from search engines and blog directories. This will in turn increase your site stickiness and for a business, increase your profits. SEO is actually the first phase of SEM, search engine marketing.

The big problem is …

One of the biggest problems you will run into is that very few web design companies know how to optimize a web site, or what to do afterward. Companies that can make an attractive-looking website are a dime a dozen. There are many sites out there, designed by web design companies who have been in the Internet business for a long time, that look pretty, but fail miserably when it comes to search engine performance. This may be difficult to believe – but it is true. Is your site one of them?

We at Denver Internet Marketing know all about search engines (especially Google) and how they prioritize and rank sites. We know what they want to see and we also know what they will penalize or even ban you from their listings for. We are also well-informed on web site traffic, social popularity and other technical factors.

High page ranking and link popularity strategies

If you want a well-visited Internet presence, a high ranking and are serious about your website, contact us. There are many ways to get a high page ranking and increase link popularity. We are here to help and we are sure you are already in agreement with our company motto: “The bitter taste of low quality lingers far longer than the sweet taste of a low price.”

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