E-mail Marketing

Denver Internet Marketing offers many different services for permission-based e-mail marketing. E-mail marketing is essentially the online version of sending out newsletters etc., through the mail, but through e-mail instead. It can be more effective than other forms of marketing, as you are only engaging prospective clients who choose to receive e-mails. Denver Internet Marketing provides everything from full-service business to business and business to consumer e-mail marketing services for the hands off client or the do it yourself client.

Full-Service E-mail Strategies

We will provide you with an e-mail marketing program based on your needs and your client base, without you having to lift a finger. Our full-service e-mail marketing will include consulting services (see list below), custom template creation, e-mail message delivery, list management and health, results monitoring, plus in-house database integration.

Consulting Services

We will assess your business goals and set up an advertising campaign that will include your objectives and goals. We will help you figure out the content of your campaign, what creative direction to head for, what the message looks like (visual identity) and provide you with a listing acquisition plan. The full-service plan includes:

• Objectives and goals (what you want to convey)
• Audience (who your customer/client list is)
• Value proposition (make your e-mails worth reading)
• Unique selling proposition (make your e-mails stand out amongst others)
• Call to action (a way for clients to buy your product/service)
• List acquisition (help you acquire more e-mails)
• Personalized subscription forms (a way for clients to opt-in to e-mails)
• List growth plan (add to your client list)
• Send frequency (how often you send the e-mails)

List management and list health

To have a client list that works, you will need to manage and repair your client list. Using your current client list, Denver Internet Marketing will immediately delete all duplicated e-mails. Once a list is sent out, those e-mails that bounce back will be deleted, leaving you with only e-mails that go to a potential client once. A new client will be automatically added to the client list once they subscribe to your e-mails, and current clients can take themselves off the list whenever they wish.

List acquisition

If you would like to build your own client list or want to add to link growth, Denver Internet Marketing has a listing acquisition plan. This plan will guide you on how to add to your e-mail client list by a substantial amount every month. Growing a client list is an ongoing task, and we will be able to help you in our step-by-step plan.

Organic list acquisition

Organic list acquisition is the best way to construct/build your client list. Although you may find other ways to add to your list, rarely do they work. An organically built list is one where prospective clients opt in themselves to receive the e-mails; as a result, the only people you are contacting are ones who have already shown interest in your business.

As well, building an organic list is less expensive then e-mail append, put-together lists, list rental, sponsorship/advertising or list acquisition.

The first step to building your in-house list is to figure out how many e-mail you will need to acquire every month to satisfy your campaign goals and introduce a contact acquisition strategy. The second can include a way for site visitors to add themselves to the list, a subscription toward the list from each site page (not just one page, such as the home page) and an e-mail message. The e-mail message will provide clients with benefit-oriented content for those who subscribe. You can also leverage every touch point with your prospects, from phone calls, business cards, etc., to encourage them to join your list. The following are some ideas:

• Find sites, e-mail newsletters, vertical ad systems, social networking systems, search engines like Google, plus other online websites that will post a banner or co-registration, allowing you to gain access to more prospective clients.
• Collect business cards from industry events and networking meetings, requesting permission to update these people/businesses with updates or information about future services.
• E-mail appending allows you to locate e-mail addresses for current prospective clients that have already expressed interest in your business, but have not provided you with a current e-mail address.

Creative e-mail messages

If you have an existing web site, Denver Internet Marketing will design the look of your e-mail marketing campaign to match your website. We will use the same banner and logo that you have on your website, allowing the e-mail’s recipient to recognize that the e-mail came from your business.

Text and copywriting

You can either provide us with the copy you would like for your email newsletter, or we can develop the copy on your behalf. The copy should be easy to read and include user benefits, plus many ways to “click-through” (ways for the reader to gain more information by clicking on a link).

Template design and code

Links are an excellent marketing strategy and e-mail communications that include them are more beneficial than those that don’t. The communication should include helpful, interesting information, and be easily read (no long words, jargon, etc.) You can also place the benefits to your potential client right at the top of the page and your call to action (where the e-mail address or phone number to gain more information, buy) should be placed inside the path from the eye.

Message rendering

A lot of e-mail programs will automatically disable images, so you should design your e-mail with that in mind. That way when a prospective client clicks on your e-mail and cannot see the images, the message itself will still make sense.

You can also get around blocked images by using Alt tags for images. These are text phrases that are included along with the image in the Web coding. They will show up next to the red X of a blocked image in your e-mail message or newsletter.

As an example, the picture of a Nikon D80 camera would include the Alt tag: “Nikon D80 camera.” You should include the most compelling information – whatever would encourage your prospective clients to buy and/or find out more information – within the upper left corner of the text. A hyperlink for an alternative HTML version of the newsletter should also be included in the e-mail, allowing clients to view the message within an Internet browser.

Before we send out your e-mail, Denver Internet Marketing will view it on all browsers as well as mobile devices, ensuring that all of your clients will be able to view the e-mail properly. As well, we will run the e-mail through a W3C HTML validation filter, ensuring that the HTML is coded based on standard, and renders properly across all e-mail browsers.

Subject line

One of the most important parts of an e-mail is to include a compelling subject line. The “From” line is essential as well. Denver Internet Marketing will help you write a subject line that conveys your message succinctly and will encourage clients to open the e-mail. We will ensure your subject line is 70 figures or less, increasing the probability that your e-mail will be opened (35 figures seems to work the very best).

E-mail message delivery

E-mail message delivery ensures that the e-mail gets to the recipient’s inbox. E-mail obstruction from a service provider or e-mail provider is one of the biggest obstacles to overcome for e-mail marketing. The main reason for this type of obstruction is customer complaints – it only takes a few people to complain per every 1,000 e-mails to cause an industrial senders’ IP to be blocked.

The following are steps we take to ensure this will not happen to your e-mail marketing campaign.

1) Ensure the e-mail is usable and important to what the client’s interests are.
2) Conduct junk e-mail filter testing at major Internet service providers, such as Hotmail, America Online, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, and other e-mail providers systems.
3) Provide clients with an easy and fast way to opt out of the e-mails.
4) Make sure the brand or company title is included in the topic line and the from address, so recipients will know the e-mail comes from a known business.
5) Get rid of any invalid e-mails or bounce backs right away.
6) Maintain your sender status through SPF, sender ID and domain key authentication methods.

Results monitoring and confirming

Once we have completed the sending of your e-mail, we will collect all the recipient’s replies and make them clear through our comprehensive response monitoring. This allows for simple and instant feedback. The response monitoring tool keeps track on the amount of e-mail sent, who opened and looked at the e-mail, and learn which e-mails led to visits to the site or the website landing page.

Monitoring and testing

We conduct continuing testing, using web statistics software. We will thoroughly test every part of your e-mail campaign, including the subject and from lines, the creative e-mail message, sale or editorial, and website landing page and delivery. This way we can increase the performance of the marketing campaign and your return on investment until it shows returns in the part that makes you money.

Database integration

We can provide database integration services for those with in-house e-mail databases or Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) systems. This includes either one-way or two-way data exchange through Web services. You will be able to pass e-mail campaign data right from your CMS system into the e-mail broadcast system. You can also keep opt-out data synchronized between your broadcast system and the central in-house databases.

Self-service e-mail marketing service

Do it yourself and save. Denver Internet Marketing’s self-serve or do-it-yourself e-mail marketing is straightforward and easy to use. You can make, schedule and send professional HTML e-mails only within a few minutes. To use our DIY marketing, all you need is an in-house customer list plus an HTML-based e-mail message.

Our list management functions are user-friendly – all you have to do is import your in-house list. You can add or study e-mails through our Internet-browser-based administration screen.

One of the best options of our DIY marketing service allows you to send out your e-mails using a scheduled time. This is fully automated, allowing specific readers to receive your e-mail message on your predetermined schedule.

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